Well, this sure was exciting.

Well, this sure was exciting.

Folks – Volcano (Damien Rice cover) (5,191 plays)

Volcano (Damien Rice Cover) - Folks.


It is finally here, my dedicated and loyal followers, just as we promised. We finally sat down and re-recorded the song that you guys have been asking for. We first recorded this song 3 years ago in a bedroom, and haven’t even thought of touching the recording since, but after seeing the wonderful feedback we got on the video our friend Luca Venter made we decided to head back to it, and here it is, matured voices and all. Just wait for the originals we have in store.

Volcano from Luca Venter on Vimeo.

My boyfriend, Paul, and I play music together under the name ‘Folks.’

You should check out this cool video our friend Luca Venter made of us singing Volcano by Damien Rice!

One time I got together with a group of people I know and sang a song in a warehouse.

Amanda Mary-Kay – Silent night (239 plays)

Silent Night (Lisa Hannigan Cover) - Amanda Mary-Kay (Yours truly)

Hey guys, it’s that time again, the time where I post a song that I did in one take because I’m bored and have nothing else to do, besides record myself ;]. Here you go, I’m a bit sick, but nevertheless, I’m missing the snow and so this song seemed appropriate.

Amanda Tully – Hometown glory realNEWFOR MP# (1,359 plays)

Hometown Glory Cover (Adele) - Amanda Mary-Kay (Yours truly)

Just did this for fun in one take because why the hell not!? MHM. :] 10:30 is perfect for this. And god knows why I made it fade out….hahahaha I hate fade outs.


Amanda Mary-Kay – Bearing Sails (1,089 plays)

Listen to this if you want to know who I really am.

Ha, this recording is so old now. I’m going to try and get something recorded this weekend or something, so, I guess I’ll ease you back into it.

Bearing Sails - Amanda Mary-Kay.


I know Tumblies like singing videos.